Reasons to Steep an E-liquid

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Reasons to Steep an E-liquid

If you use e-cigarettes on a regular basis and have experimented with the different flavors, ingredients, and brands then you will know that the flavor of e-liquids fluctuates from time to time. This is particularly true for complex e-liquids.

The process of steeping can be used for accentuating the qualities of best ejuice. There are, however, some e-liquid flavors which do not respond well to steeping. The response of e-liquids towards steeping depends on different variables like the emulsifying base of each flavor. There are several manufacturers of e-liquids who steep the e-liquid even before it is distributed. The decision of steeping involves the different methods of steeping and the effect that it has on the final product.

Why should You Steep an E-Liquid?

There are some e-liquid flavors which are pretty complex in its conclusion. This means that each flavor of the e juice is incorporated into a proprietary formula which helps in forming a new kind of flavor. Flavors experts have used basic flavors and combined it a specific way for bringing out a new flavor profile. Steeping can help in bringing out these flavors.

It is seen that juices that have a higher concentration of VG or vegetable glycerin have to be steeped more than juices that have a higher concentration of PG or propylene glycol. This means that liquids with PG is a better emulsifier and has more intense and long-lasting flavors. This is the reason many companies use PG based e-liquids.

Steeping is done for allowing the molecules of the ingredients to bond. This facilitates the transmission of flavor through an atomized liquid to your taste buds. There are some flavors that are suspended in alcohol and if you steep them then the alcohol will evaporate. With the process of evaporation, the rest of the flavors will combine with VG or PG to give you a flavorful and smoother experience.

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