The Elder Scrolls 6- The World Is Waiting For the Puzzles, Quests and Combat Modes

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The Elder Scrolls 6- The World Is Waiting For the Puzzles, Quests and Combat Modes

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Bethesda’s vice president Pete Hines has written some reassuring tweets after fans all around the world started getting really excited and wanted to know by when Elder Scrolls 6 -the game’s latest addition would be released.

The secrecy and delay around the release of the Elder scrolls 6

  It has been said that the development stage of the game is still going on. Bethesda is well known for maintaining secrecy and thus leaving everyone surprised when the game is finally launched. This is what happened when Fallout was released. The dates were kept a secret. But no one can complain since the quality of the game when it is finally released is so good that it shuts up all critics. It is also known that people at Bethesda spend no time on trailers and invest that time in the development on the best version of the game. So far so good but what could also happen is that the developers release Skyrim 2 instead of Elder Scrolls 6 because they are still harping on about the success of Skyrim. That would leave the fans disappointed a huge way.

What can fans expect?

Some things can be guessed from the previous versions of the game for example the theme could remain the same with settlement as its core. And the fans can expect to find the game featuring beasts and travel across different landmasses just like what happened in The Dragonborn. What is also being said is that after the game engine for Fallout 4 received a lot of criticism the developers are now using VR technology to develop a better gaming engine. What I’m excited to know is whether the game would be built around an entire landmass like in the case of The Elder Scrolls: Arena or will it be focused around a few provinces. I hope it’s the latter and the game deals with only a small province or two because then the graphics would be better and also the background would be more engaging.


I think the president wasn’t joking when he said the game would be launched when the robots change their calendar. I just cannot wait anymore.

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